What is GIS !!!!

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a software framework for collecting, gathering, managing, and analyzing data through a system and storing data in a database. In simple language, it's an intersection of Geography and Information Technology. It analyzes spatial data and organizes layers of data according to user's requirement for visualizations and interpretetion using rasters and vectors. For having this unique strength of GIS, we can do all the modern soft computing tweaks to make a better pattern learning, relations between every data and better dicision for every situations related to spatial data, survey and images.

Our GIS Team Message

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Raja Barad

GIS Scientist

Nakshkaar Engineers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

"We welcome you to Nakshkaar and invite to check all GIS services mentioned below. Remote sensing and Geographical Information system is an emerging branch. Its relatively young field and its been evolving rapidly. For last two decades, we have seen remarkable growth in this field due to improvement of technology in various sectors. Day by Day, new sensor's been sent to space by various space organisations like ISRO, NASA, Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency), China National Space Administration etc. Surveying technologies also growing as we speak from TS to robotics TS, advanced drone mapping etc. If we look to Science Citation Indexed Journals, Researchers discovering new image processing technologies in each publications. This field has wide range of applications in various fields such as assessment of geological hazards, mineral, oil exploration, hydrogeology, watershed management, earthquake engineering, telecom, tourism, defence, transport and navigation system, landuse analysis, modelling urban environment, crop monitoring, disaster management, environmental studies, bio-diversity etc.

NECPL has started a new vision to open GIS branch in R&D section with an aim to provide advanced techniques in remote sensing and GIS, strengthen problem solving skills in Remote Sensing and GIS and develop knowledge and ideas in relevant areas of application. Our vision in this section is to keep track with up-to-date GIS and spatial planning and community development. We have equiped with Advanced Survey Technologies like LiDAR technologies, Drone Survey, Robotics TS etc. We have licensed softwares to handle all type of GIS data for projects. At Nakshkaar, we provide cost-effective and absolute solution to GIS problems with oustanding accuracy. "

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